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Feature of the month!

Concealed Carry options for women!

WJS has a selection of concealed-carry purses, corsets, belly bands, wraps, thigh holsters, ankle holsters, and firearms that have been handpicked with women in mind. Whether you prefer a revolver to a semi-automatic or a belt holster rather than one on your thigh, we have what it takes to get you squared away for personal protection and peace of mind.  We are female friendly and offer women-only concealed carry and safety classes as well as our coed classes.   We only stock the best quality product for our women and men alike.  If we don't have it in store feel free to check our website or just tell us what you're looking for and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

 We're just sportsmen like you!

We're hunters, shooters, and anglers just like you! We are a family owned business of shooting & fishing enthusiasts. We endeavor to have the products you want and trust. WJS Guns only sells products that we ourselves would own and use. Customer service is our number one concern. Without you we would not be here, so stop by and give WJS Guns the chance to become your premier hunting, fishing, and outdoor supply source! Every day we are expanding our inventory of fishing, archery and even more sportsman gear for the outdoorsman in your life. We have qualified gunsmiths, armorers, and coast guard captains on staff to answer your questions and assist with your needs. We proudly stock Colt, Glock, Sig Sauer, Mossberg, Fobus Holsters, Gun Tote'n Mamas, Crossbreed, Can Can Concealment, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Savage Arms, and many others. Fishing gear from Trapper Tackle, Lee Fisher International, Fishdfunk, Line Cutterz, plus many more including custom wooden lures from Impact Lures. WJS also stocks other products from Nines sunglasses to Outdoor Edge Knives, Sunsect insect repellent plus sunscreen, and many other fine products with our inventory and selection growing every day!